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The Salley Firm serves individuals, families, and businesses throughout Georgia and Alabama. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients by addressing your individual needs with customized and practical solutions. Our attorneys have experience in customizing estate, probate, and business solutions that fit your particular needs.  Life can take us in different directions—from planning for a growing family, to choosing how to make sure the right people are in charge of your business when you are ready to retire, to how we deal with the loss of a loved one.  We understand that your circumstances are just that—YOUR circumstances.  Our clients all have different backgrounds, current lifestyles, and future goals that all must be considered when providing services.  Our firm wants to work closely with you to make sure your legal needs fit your individual, family, and business priorities. 

About Us

What to expect when you team up with our firm

An attorney will contact you to discuss your legal request
We understand that estate planning, running a business, or saying goodbye to a loved one can be an emotional process.  Our firm understands that these circumstances require you to share some of your personal and private information.  Every question on our questionnaires, every phone call, every meeting, and every email is designed only what is needed to get a better understanding of your needs and circumstances.  We will be upfront about costs and expectations.  We’re not trying to take the emotion out of your legal needs.  In fact, we want you to feel confident that we not only hear you, but we want to know more so that we can give you the best representation possible to help you take care of yourself,  your business, and your loved ones. 

Your documents are drafted with care and expertise
The law can be a confusing and complicated puzzle.  Attorneys spend years learning how to read, dissect, and interpret the law.  Our firm wants to use our experiences to put that puzzle together for you.  We spend the time to keep up with changes in the law to keep you protected and use our experience to create documents and plans that comply with the law and effectively achieve your goals.  Our attorneys, licensed in Georgia and Alabama, will work to simplify where possible but will never sacrifice quality in your legal solutions.     

Your documents and strategies are put into action
Despite what the old saying says, when it comes to the law, ignorance is NOT bliss.  Our goal is to work with you so that you know what we’ve done to help achieve your goals. We encourage questions and enjoy collaboration.  Plans work best when everyone involved knows how to put the plan into action.  Let’s make this easy. 

Our firm is committed to:
-knowing, understanding, and implementing your goals into your customized plan
-creating an environment for you to share valuable information so that potential issues are identified and risk is minimized
-looking out for your best interest as the client

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